Mystery of the Alex Ovechkin tattoo: Solved?

Dmitry brought us the first image of Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin's(notes) fresh ink earlier this week, a.k.a. the back tattoo that launched 10,000 jokes of varying degrees of appropriateness. (One of the best, from several authors: "If you can read this then I just scored on a breakaway." Which is probably why he didn't have the tattoo in Game 7 against Marc-Andre Fleury(notes).)

Along with the giggles, there were a few attempts at discerning what the tattoo actually says, because Ovechkin is being coy about it. Tian is a blogger who runs Hanzi Smatter, which "dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture." In other words, the worst nightmare for a frat boy waking up from a Tijuana tequila haze with a bandage on his arm.

After getting deluged with requests, Tian took a pass at the partially obscured tattoo and report:

I have translated Ovechkin's tattoo for you. Although it is only partially exposed, it appears to be "one family" on the left and "life" on the right.

So there you go: An expert says the tattoo reads "one family crack life." Well, taken within the proper anatomical geography ...

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