We must possess this Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper (Puck Treasures)

Puck Daddy

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Many things have been consumed out of the bowl of the Stanley Cup: Champagne, beer, cereal, probably some of Chelios’s chili.

Popcorn? Why yes. To the surprise of no one, New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur ate buttery popcorn out of the Cup while watching the terrible Bruce Willis movie “The Kid.”

But what about eating popcorn that was popped inside the Stanley Cup itself? What sort of sorcery is this!?

Behold the Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper, a 17-inch tall replica Stanley Cup that opens to reveal an air popper. The bowl of the Cup then transforms into a serving bowl for the popcorn. Clog your arteries like a champion!

The Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper retails for $79.95 and can be ordered here. Garden gnome-sized Gary Bettman sold separately, but it’s an essential accessory if you’re itching to boo a bowl of popcorn.

Now we eagerly await someone turning the NBA championship trophy into a sport-appropriate bong …

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