Most brutal own-goal of the year, courtesy of Finland’s HPK (VIDEO)

Sometimes own goals in hockey are the product of just bad luck, an unfortunate bounce or a player just having a brain cramp.

Take for example Mika Jarvinen, goaltender for HPK of Finland's SM-liiga. During a game on Saturday, he watched a pass from teammate Johan Larsson go through his crease and into his own net:

The Ilves celebration scrum must have sounded like an episode of Beavis and Butthead with the amount of laughing that likely went on.

That goal would give Ilves an early 1-0 lead en route to a 3-2 overtime win.

This one's on Jarvinen. He misjudges the angle the puck was traveling to Larsson's defense partner and, whoopsie, it's behind him; yet the camera sticks with poor Larsson like he pulled a Steve Smith or Bryan McCabe.

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