More Matt Cooke fallout; Fleury’s worst moments; Godzilla the hockey goalie (Puck Headlines)

Jen Neale
Puck Daddy

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Unable to grow a beard for the playoffs? Upload a photo to the website and create your own Build-a-Beard just like the Puck Daddy staff. [Beard-a-thon]

• Interesting look at the complex relationship between hockey and hitting. Is Matt Cooke just a byproduct of the system? [Silver Seven Sens]

• Eric Duhatschek believe the NHL is better served when Matt Cooke is no longer a part of it. [Globe & Mail]

• In non-Matt Cooke news out of Minnesota, Mikael Granlund's has gone from freshman funk to sophomore sensation. [Aurora Sentinel]

• We tease Pierre McGuire for being a walking encyclopedia of useless hockey knowledge. Here's an impressive compilation of just TWO DAYS worth of name dropping by Pierre. Keep your ears open for a four-in-one on a single player. [Awful Announcing]

• To rub salt in the wound a little bit more, here's a compilation of Marc-Andre Fleury's worst moments. [The Score]

• No reason to be worried, though. At least the Penguins have been in this position (last year) before and they still have Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

• Boston's Brad Marchand hasn't scored a goal yet, but he is still contributing by throwing the Red Wings off their game by being a jerk, "You know when I want to play that way, it’s good to see guys get off, get aggravated and stuff like that,” Marchand said. “But it allows me to play better, I get more into the game, more emotionally involved and I just feel like my game’s a little better when I do that.” [CBS Boston]

• "Ignore him." That is Mike Babcock's advice for his team when it comes to Marchand's antics listed above. [NY Times]

• For those of you who like to collect rare mineral specimens and love hockey, your two worlds just collided. A specimen called 'Godzilla the Hockey Goalie' is going up for sale. The mineral "came together in a bubble of a lava flow" and is considered one of a kind due to its unique form. [Live Science]

• One of the biggest lessons learned in the first round of the playoffs: no lead is safe. [The Spin]

• Down Goes Brown is forced to write nice things about the Montreal Canadiens after the Habs swept the series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Grantland]

• Do a good thing today by donating to send the Michigan Mustangs Wheelchair Hockey Team to the 2014 North American Powerhockey Cup. [Go Fund Me]

• Complexities of the New York Islanders ownership, present and future. [Islanders Insight]

• Matt Read took out Dan Carcillo on a hit similar to the one Mike Rupp landed on TJ Oshie and the NHL DoPS did nothing; Bill Goldthorpe attempts to explain why. [Save by Richter]

• Of the four major sports leagues, the Chicago Blackhawks come in at No. 1 on Bloomberg's Smartest Spenders in Sports rankings. The index is 'based on how much they spent in player payroll for every win during the last five seasons. Each team is compared against the average price per win in its league to produce a score ... The less a team spends compared with its peers, the lower its score. Playoff victories and championships get extra weight." The Boston Bruins (#3), Pittsburgh Penguins (#11), Los Angeles Kings (#13), and Detroit Red Wings (#15) round out the top five NHL clubs. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

• University of Wisconsin's hockey program is as far reaching as it is legendary. This season 21 alums suited up in the NHL, second only to Boston College, and many more are on their way. [The Badger Herald]

• Well this is shocking. A Flyers fan flips the double-bird to Dan Carcillo after he scored the fourth goal in the Rangers win over Philly. [Huffington Post]

• Finally, Bailey destroys a Sharkie lookalike. He knocks his head clean off! That's a suspension for sure.

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