Montreal renames Sam Adams, restaurants in preparation of Bruins battle

Boston Pizza has had an annual problem.

The Canadian chain of fast-casual eateries boasts the name of a city that’s (a) really good at hockey which means (b) they’re always in the playoffs and (c) usually it’s against Canadian teams.

So when the Bruins faced the Vancouver Canucks in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, Boston Pizza re-branded its 62 locations in British Columbia into “Vancouver Pizza” for the duration of the series.

(Hopefully this saved one or two of them from being burned down after Game 7.)

This time, it’s the Montreal Canadiens entering a second-round series against the Boston Bruins, and Boston Pizza has acted accordingly. All Quebec locations of the chain will be renamed “Montreal Pizza” during this series.

Now, if they can only give P.K. Subban his job back

Ah, but the great rebranding war has spread. A Montreal beer story has defaced the iconic Sam Adams beer six pack with a Canadiens logo:

Via BostInno:

Fine & Fûtés, a gourmet store located two hours west of Montreal in Gatineau, Quebec, has posted the above picture to their Facebook page Tuesday night. The caption, "C'est la consternation ici !!!! Tous se demandent qui aurait posé un tel geste ... enfin ... ... presque tous," roughly translating to "This is the consternation here! All are wondering who would have posed such a gesture... Finally...... almost all."

My god, where will it end? Montreal Baked Beans? Montreal Crème Donuts? Canadiens Clam Chowder?!

And when will the fine men’s clothing stores in Boston officially change their names to a “Bruinserdashery,” huh?