Montreal fans plan 1-year anniversary celebration in honor of Scott Gomez’s last goal

Earlier this week, we wrote about some Montreal bars that offer free shots every time Scott Gomez scores a goal for the Montreal Canadiens. Alas, patrons have been left quite thirsty: Gomez hasn't scored a goal in 16 games this season, and overall since Feb. 5.

Which means, barring an offensive breakthrough ... someone has an anniversary coming up! Which means it's time to planning the party.

Yes indeed, the "Gomez Celebrations" are being organized by Montreal fans through a website and on Facebook for the Feb. 5 anniversary. Let's hope they never happen.

From the organizers:

We invite all the CH fans that will watch the game of the 5th february 2012 at any place, to widely celebrate with us this amazing event.

CH fans, we invite you to impress us by wearing party hats and costumes of all kinds and to noisely show your fun while celebrating!

They have party kits (.pdf) available for download which include the hat pattern above.

The introductions of piñatas would seem like a natural fit for any party; leaving them empty would be a sad , yet accurate, commentary on Gomez as an NHL player in 2012.

Look, once a website has been dedicated to your offensive futility — with a running clock counting down to the 1-year anniversary of your last goal, no less — the tide of popular opinion has to start turning your way, right?

We like redemption stories and comeback tales. Most of us wanted to see Marian Hossa win the Stanley Cup, right? (Pipe down, Pittsburgh and Detroit).

And now, as the piling-on is getting emphatic … perhaps a small minority of hockey fans are hoping to see Scott Gomez score a goal before the anniversary hits.

He has seven games to do it — beginning on Friday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and ending with (of course) back-to-back games against the Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets on Feb. 4 and 5.

Go … Gomer … Go?

s/t @maximepaiement