Montreal fan drops Canadiens puck into foundation of new Quebec City arena (Video)

The return of the Quebec Nordiques isn't exactly a foregone conclusion, but Quebec City moved a little closer to bringing the NHL back to town when they announced plans for their new, $400 million, 18,000-seat hockey arena, slated for completion in September of 2015.

The potential resurrection of the Nordiques also means the potential resurrection of their provincial rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens, a rivalry so heated that round 2 has already begun.

On Tuesday, construction worker Eric Chevest uploaded a Youtube video in which -- hold onto your croissants -- he drops a Montreal Canadiens puck into the foundation of the new arena:


'I'm at the Québec amphitheatre," Chevest says. "Gonna put a Habs puck into one of the posts."

Then, after the deed is done. "There you go, Nordiques. We're keeping you in mind."

And after the camera is off, we can only assume: "Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh."

Will the good people of Quebec City stand for this? In 2008, after a Boston Red Sox fan dropped a David Ortiz jersey into the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium, the Yankees excavated it.

But it's a lot easier to find a jersey than a puck. Is this bad, dastardly act irreversible?

And if so, does this mean some sort of provincial civil war? Because if so, that extremely boring webcam of the Quebec City building site is going to get awesome in a hurry.

s/t to Chemmy.

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