Montreal Canadiens to hold game at Olympic Stadium in 2009?

If you've never been to or seen Montreal's Olympic Stadium, it sort of resembles either that of a spaceship or an odd-looking frying pan. Nevertheless, later this month, the Canadiens will announce their schedule of festivities celebrating their 100th season in hockey. According to CKAC Sports, the Habs will play a game in front of 70,000-plus at Stade Olympique next December 4, 2009, exactly one-hundred years after the team was founded by J. Ambrose O'Brien as charter members of the National Hockey Association.

The CKAC report also states that once the Grey Cup ends in November, work will begin on the tower, sound system and roof of Olympic Stadium, with the likelihood that a Canadiens game would be played there without a roof.

Look, Montreal got their outdoor game!

Since the Montreal Expos bolted town for Washington, D.C. in 2004, the building has remained empty, aside from concerts and Canadian Football League playoff games for the Alouettes. The Canadiens expressed interest in holding a Winter Classic game for this coming season, but the NHL eventually decided on Wrigley Field in Chicago. That sent one Bleacher Report "analyst" to go off:

"What? What do you say? Oh ya! You gave Montreal the All-Star celebrations... if it is anything close to what it was last year, you can roll it really tight and stick it up where I think...

Pardon me? You're kidding me right?? The 2009 draft will take place in Montreal... Who gives a flying rat's ass? We don't care about the draft location... Everybody is interested in WHO is getting drafted. You could hold that event in Timbuktu and no one would give a damn!

Gary Bettman suffers from Napoleonic Syndrome. He will go against everything that is bigger than him (which is pretty much everything, except maybe for Marty St-Louis)."

If this report does indeed come to fruition, it's a clever way to host an outdoor game without needing the NHL's permission slip to do so.

But most important of all: Finally, Youppi! will return to Olympic Stadium.

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