Monster sled! Fenway Park hockey event includes sledding in shadow of Green Monster

Puck Daddy

Frozen Fenway is an event born out of the 2010 Winter Classic, which featured the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins skating in the middle of Fenway Park. The rink later housed Boston College vs. Boston University, and a new tradition was born.

This season’s event spans from Dec. 28, 2013-Jan. 9, 2014, and features local high school teams as well as Div. I and Div. III college teams playing on a rink placed across second base and part of the Boston Red Sox outfield.

Oh, yeah: The event will also feature a MONSTER SLED!

Fenway announced this week that there will be a 20-foot-high ramp built in the outfield for sledding and tubing.

From Fenway Sports Management:

The sled is the first of its kind at Fenway Park and will sit in the shadow of the ballpark’s left field wall. The sled’s 75 foot run features five separate paths and will end at the Red Sox bullpen. It will be constructed in partnership with StackBox Structures, a Scarborough, Maine, company that designs mobile structures using shipping containers and truss systems.

The “Monster Sled” will be available for hourly rentals for groups of up to 100 people. Sleds and tubes will be provided free of charge (patrons cannot bring their own).

So there you go: Players can’t dramatically slide into catchers anymore at Fenway, but you can dramatically slide 75 feet down a snow ramp in the outfield.

And now we all wait for the first image of Zdeno Chara in an inner tube barreling down the Monster Sled ...

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