Mob informant: NY Rangers ‘left the Stanley Cup’ at strip club

Mob informant: NY Rangers ‘left the Stanley Cup’ at strip club

Tales of the Stanley Cup’s odd journeys are plentiful, but we’ll probably never know how deep into debauchery the Holy Grail has descended during its travels.

But we do know Mark Messier took the Cup to a strip club. At least twice.

In 1987 with the Edmonton Oilers, Messier allegedly brought the chalice to The Forum Inn in Edmonton, placed it on stage and it was used as a prop by the talent.

In 1994, Messier and the New York Rangers brought the Cup to SCORES, a hugely popular (at the time) gentleman’s club in Manhattan. That club was owned by Michael Blutrich, a mob informant whose information to the feds helped put away John Gotti, Jr. among others.

On Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a segment with Blutrich, who detailed his extraordinary life as a snitch. During the interview, he dropped this nugget about the Stanley Cup’s visit to SCORES:

Michael Blutrich: The New York Rangers came to Scores on the night they won the Stanley Cup, filled the Stanley Cup with champagne and shared it with everybody, and then left the Cup.

Anderson Cooper: They left the Stanley Cup there.

Michael Blutrich: They got drunk, they left the Cup.

Well, one assumes a Keeper of the Cup was there to collect Lord Stanley after his drunken friends left him alone at a strip club. Or at least one hopes.

But a lot has changed in 20 years. Current Keeper of the Cup Mike Bolt told that bringing the Holy Grail to a den of sin can’t really happen today:

Did it go to a strip club? I heard it went to a strip club.

It's been to a few, probably. Things got kind of crazy in the '80s and '90s. There was some wild stuff. Things may have gone on that can't happen anymore 'cause it would be all over the Internet.

Like strip clubs?

I can't get into details, to be honest with you. But if you're throwing a party, you can't have a girl lifting her top up around the Cup. Someone will take a picture, and it will be on the Internet. The NHL is a family organization. We can't have anything X-rated.

Yet another thing ruined by the Internet…