Miroslav Satan isn’t sure he’s Zdeno Chara’s friend anymore after devastating hit injures him (VIDEO)

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Back in November, Miroslav Satan's Slovan team was facing Lev and Zdeno Chara, and Chara was in one of his "appetite for destruction" moods.

The former Boston Bruins teammates collided twice in spectacular fashion, but it was their second collision that sent Satan down to the ice bleeding: A shoulder to the chin from Chara in the neutral zone that just makes you wince upon viewing it.

Said Satan after the game: "I've played hockey for 30 years. I know a clean hit from a bad one; if it would've been a clean hit, I wouldn't [have been] cut."

Here are the two hits from that Nov. 4 game:

Much like angels, unicorns and sharing do, Chara angered Satan. Really, really angered him.

Mainly because the former NHL forward suffered neck injuries. But also because Miro thought he and Zdeno were friends, and friends don't make friends nearly paralyzed.

From Roman Jedlicka of TV NOVA, a translation from this interview with Satan:

"Zdeno risked the health and life of someone who calls a good friend. I'm not saying he wanted intentionally to hurt me but he knew that was me and that I didn't see him. Plate between the sixth and seventh vertebrae in my neck is displaced by 4.5 mms into the spinal canal. It took a bit and I may have been paralyzed."

Satan said his headaches have subsided, but that he's still looking for further evaluation of his neck injury, which has kept him out of action since the Chara hits.

As for Chara, Satan said the Bruins defenseman was unaware that his friend was the one taking the punishing hits during the game.

As in, he didn't know who he was hitting. Hmmm … we seem to recall this is a reoccurring theme for Z.

Satan ended the interview by saying he hoped to clear the air with Chara so there are no issues for the Slovak national team.

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