Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team 2015 brings controversy, sick flows (Video)

The Minnesota state high school hockey championship tournament was completed this weekend. Or as we like to call it, the side dish to the main course that is the Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team

This surreal annual tradition is brilliant in so many ways, from honoring the sickest salad in the State of Hockey to the low-fi production values (filming off the television, the droll commentary).

This season’s All-Hockey Hair Team featured cameo appearances by T.J. Oshie of the St. Louis Blues and Blake Wheeler of the Winnipeg Jets, but even they couldn’t overshadow some of the most spectacular mullets, Fabio locks and Minnesota head shrubbery we’ve ever seen.

But oh, it was not without controversy! You may have seen the video of Luke From Lakeville during the tournament, skating up to the camera and revealing flowing hair to a horrified teammate. He seemed like the odds-on favorite to take the top spot … but there was a “Shakespeare in Love” to his “Saving Private Ryan.”

Watch the video to find out. And to hear bon mots like:

- “They should let him play in a leather vest because he’s the leader of these sons of anarchy.”

- “If that’s a salad, it’s a chop, because a MAN ordered it.”

- “Wink? Why wouldn’t ya?”

- “Here’s a bit of a flavor savor. Hey, put it on Sea Bass’s tab.”

- “The tournament had some negatives. We had a military academy. We’ll just fast-forward past that.”

- “I hope this kid ends up on ELLEN. He’s that good.”

If the video gets 100,000 views, new sponsor Warrior is going to give $15,000 to the Hendrickson Foundation for sled hockey programs. So send this to a friend who appreciates wicked salad and sick flow and old dirtys.