Milan Michalek shoves goalie, sparks line brawl, gets body-slammed in Czech League (VIDEO)

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Milan Michalek of the Ottawa Senators is playing for Ceske Budejovice in the Czech league during the NHL lockout, and apparently hasn't lost his flair for the controversial around the opposing crease.

In a game against Energie Karlovy Varyon on Sunday, Michalek gave goalie Tomáš Závorka a shove in the back of the head after he covered the puck. That sparked a brief line brawl between the teams while David Zucker (no relation) attempted to avenge his netminder in a mismatched fight. Here's how that played out:

Michalek, wearing No. 69 (it's hilarious) had the size advantage (6-2 to 5-9) and nearly took Zucker's head off with a haymaker. But Zucker ended the brawl with a power slam executed with a Randy Orton-esque velocity. Michalek earned 16 minutes in penalties for the game. KVA defeated CEB, 8-0.

(UPDATE: Good catch by Trevor Mahoney, as it appears around 27 seconds in that Michalek attempts to hit Zucker with his own helmet. Which is awesome.)

Zucker was asked about the fight on the team's official website (translated):

Where you took the courage to stand up to higher Michalek?

I did not want to fight with him. I just wanted to push him away from our goalkeeper. Unnecessarily removed his mask. I tried to remove it so I can not take off the gloves. I did not get a game misconduct penalty. But he removed it and if it is higher, so I had to get under it. I did not get a shot. So I avoided him and pulled him to the ground.

Feisty one around the crease, that Michalek. Please recall his skate-kick on New York Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for which he received a stern warning from the NHL.

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