Milan Lucic takes the train to Quenneville with DeKeyser crotch spear (Video)

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Before the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings play Game 2 on Sunday, Milan Lucic will be a few dollars short in the wallet.

In the second period of Game 1 Friday night, Lucic had enough with Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser and decided to give up a cup check:

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That's just... with the amount of television cameras in NHL rinks these days, of course this was going to be caught. No penalty was called, but you can be sure Stephane Quintal and the Department of Player Safety will have something to say about it.

Lucic is no stranger to the spear, having done something similar to Alexei Emelin of the Montreal Canadiens in March. He went unpunished, but this blatant attempt will likely not be dismissed.

If Joel Quenneville is out $25,000 for grabbing his junk while arguing a call, what's the wallet hit on Lucic going to be?

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