Here’s Milan Lucic in possibly the worst commercial you’ve ever seen (VIDEO)

NHL players have given us some incredible performances in commercial endorsements. Alex Ovechkin's golden pipes for Eastern Motors. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane bird-dogging for the Dell Streak. And, of course, Superstar Max Talbot for A&L BMW.

But that was from an era that will forever be known as B.M.L. — Before Milan Lucic.

That's the Boston Bruins' bruiser, getting his Gosling on in an ad for MTW Community Credit Union. NESN, which hipped us to the clip, believed Lucic shot it during the lockout; the YouTube upload date was in April, however, although Looch just acknowledged it this week.

It's pretty much the acting equivalent of Ryan Miller getting run over by a felonious forechecker: Raw, brutal and somewhat hilarious. We don't want to say Milan Lucic gave us the worst acting to emerge from Boston since Donnie Wahlberg in "Dreamcatcher", but we just did.

Coming up, our favorite three scenes from Milan Lucic Breaks Up With His Bank.

Here's Lucic working on a laptop despite having a desktop computer is his ficus-adorned office. Pictured at the bottom the screen: a Claude Julien McFarlane figure.

Lucic was rather unhappy when ACME Bank hit him with a transaction fee at the ATM. We'd actually be more frustrated by the fact that there's no way not accept ACME Bank's transaction fee, for lack of a"decline" button."

Finally, this scene was imperative to the narrative of Lucic's commercial, but we were totally distracted by the presence of industrial cleaning wipes next to the powdered creamer in his "kitchen."