Milan Lucic tries to avenge 'one-punch' in fight with Dalton Prout

Milan Lucic tries to avenge 'one-punch' in fight with Dalton Prout

Milan Lucic was embarrassed and upset when Dalton Prout ‘one-punched’ him on Nov. 21.

So Lucic did what any player who got his butt kicked in front of 15,000-plus people would do. He decided to get into another fight with the same dude -- and just three minutes into the second period of Boston's contest against Columbus

Below is the video of Lucic and Prout going at it ... again.

Clearly Lucic showed the world his jaw is indeed not made of glass. Good for him.

Said Prout to the Columbus Dispatch after the game:

“It’s obviously not the way you should start a fight,” Prout said. “You can never be too happy about getting jumped. Sometimes you get in those situations and you learn how to protect yourself. Sometimes you can jockey for position forever, or sometimes you take one to give one. I’ll take on one to give one.”

Said Lucic to the Boston Globe before the game:

“Still not happy about it,” said Lucic, who believed Prout sucker-punched him. “But you definitely don’t want to do anything stupid where you put your team or yourself in jeopardy.”

First, it wasn’t a sucker-punch. Did it make him look weak? Sure. But so what. Fighting him again just makes Lucic look desperate.

If I was Lucic, I’d be more concerned that I’m on pace for my lowest full-season point total since 2008-09 and that my team started the night out of the Wild Card.

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