Mike Milbury as Rangers coach? No, Islanders blog just trolling NYR fans

Greg Wyshynski

The New York Rangers are in the market for a head coach, and fans have been speculating it could be anyone from Lindy Ruff to Mark Messier to other dark horse candidates.

NBC Sports analyst Mike Milbury isn’t one of those candidates.

At least we don’t think so, unless Glen Sather is off his meds.

He coached the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders for parts of six seasons during the 1990s, compiling a record of 146-160-45 and making the playoffs in both his Bostonian seasons. When you haven’t coached in two lockouts-time, one assumes you won’t be a front-burner candidate in 2013.

Which is why Lighthouse Hockey, an Islanders blog, decided to have a little fun with the idea that the man who ruined their franchise the former Islanders GM/coach had been hired by the Rangers. From LH, an SB Nation blog:

But both Sather and Milbury are betting on the latter's long stay in the NHL as being the missing ingredient for getting New York over the hump.

"Mike and I have known each other for a long, long time," Sather said after giving a vintage Rangers warm-up jacket to his new coach. "That's not to say we've always seen eye-to-eye. But he and I are from the old school, so to speak, and we know what kind of team we want. One that's solid defensively, has depth on offense and never backs down from physical play. That's why I made the call and brought him on board."

"If hard work, commitment and loyalty mean old-fashioned, then yes I am," said Milbury.

The piece wasn’t outwardly satirical, but c’mon: Rangers warm-up jacket? Like this one from his Islanders days, perhaps?

So no, Mike Milbury wasn’t hired as Rangers head coach, leaving him to continue his enlightening constructive criticism on NBC Sports Network.

But that didn’t stop Rangers fans and other hockey nuts on social media from totally freaking the [expletive] out …

There are hoaxes. There are cruel hoaxes. And then there's tricking a Rangers fan into thinking Mike Milbury is their new head coach.