Mike Milbury on Lightning injuries: 'I don’t want to hear about it as an excuse' (Video)

What would be the Stanley Cup Final without Mike Milbury saying something that would be Milbury-ish.

As injury news filtered out after Tampa lost Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to Chicago, Milbury got pretty … not happy with how it was handled and looked at it like an excuse by the Lightning.

After being asked what he thought about Ben Bishop’s torn groin and Tyler Johnson’s broken wrist, Milbury had enough.

“It’s late Liam and I’m grumpy and I really don’t care about that,” he said after the query by broadcast partner Liam McHugh.

“They’ve lost their guys to I still don’t know the extent of it.”

Actually we sort of do, but continue.

“I don’t want to hear about it as an excuse just after the series is over. Lick your wounds, go home and tell me in a week.”

So if you’re a player and you’ve basically been not allowed to talk about your injury publicly for a week and a reporter sticks a mic in your face, what are you going to do? Not tell the reporter about your injuries again? Pull another ‘Marshawn Lynch’ as Bishop called it?

Tampa coach Jon Cooper went out of his way in his postgame news conference to not talk about injuries and let Chicago have their moment.

That seemed to be part of Milbury’s issue as he continued on. Full transcript below:

It’s understandable that a former coach/player/GM (well, we use the last title there loosely) would think there’s some sort of code on letting another team enjoy their victory. But we’ve been wanting to know Bishop’s problem since he left Game 2, re-entered, left again then sat Game 4. We’ve wanted to know why Johnson, who was on fire before the Final only scored one goal the entire series.

Le sigh …

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