Mike Milbury calls Phil Kessel a pain in the [behind] (Video)

Mike Milbury calls Phil Kessel a pain in the [behind] (Video)

Phil Kessel has been fighting mad at the media of late. And it appears he has upset the biggest and loudest of pundits.

Phil, you've officially been called a 'pain in the ass' by Mike Milbury. Um, pot meet kettle? Behold this video from NBC Sports' #rivalrynight broadcast of Milbury discussing the Maple Leafs.

Milbury continued on a type of unquantifiable rant that's normally reserved for Alex Ovechkin ... or others who were born in a giant Eastern European country (cough) Russia, (cough), where they 'don't play the game right.'

The highlights of Milbury's takedown:

"He can't do anything but cause trouble" 

"He runs hot and cold all the time."

"He's not committed."

"He's one of the guys players on the team don't really like."

Kessel is hardly a defendable guy when it comes to dealing with the media. But you can actually pick apart Milbury’s comments.

If Milbury is looking at Kessel from a sheer aesthetic perspective, yes, he has a doughy physique (Probably where he got his 'not committed' thought). But beyond that, how does he know that players on the team don't like him? Also, the hot and cold argument? He's on pace for his sixth-straight 30 goal full season. 

He can't do anything but cause trouble? What does that even mean? It's a total blanket statement. 

With all the nuttiness that has gone on with the Leafs this week, coach getting fired, Kessel getting into fights with media, it's so easy to forget that this team is just one point out of the final Wild Card spot.

But still, thanks Mike, for at least entertaining us on on the night we love to hate ... for many reasons. 

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