Mike Milbury calls for firing of Buffalo coach Ron Rolston for John Scott’s antics

The hockey world has turned its damning eye to John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres after his head-shot on Loui Eriksson of the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night, a deplorable play that will earn him a suspension.

Mike Milbury of NBC Sports Network was ahead of the curve, calling out Scott in the pregame show as a goon and then coming back around to blast him a second time after the Eriksson hit. It’s scathing:

Milbury called Scott a “predator” and that he doesn’t belong in the NHL. He also demanded that coach Ron Rolston be fired for playing Scott at all.

He said the talk in Buffalo is that Rolston is “in over his head” as an NHL coach.

“I’ll tell you right now, he’s way over his head. In fact he’s drowning. It’s a bush league play by a coach that doesn’t know any better and doesn’t enough experience in the league and shouldn’t be afforded another game. Not one.”


So while the hockey world determines whether John Scott belongs in the NHL, Milbury believes Ron Rolston doesn’t belong either for using Scott for intimidation.

Wonder how he feels about Joel Quenneville’s decision-making