Mike Komisarek makes the mistake of fighting Milan Lucic (VIDEO)

Before he became an afterthought with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Mike Komisarek was deployed for years as an anti-Milan Lucic countermeasure by the Montreal Canadiens. The last time he actually dropped the gloves with Lucic was in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs … and the Boston Bruins winger dropped him with one punch.

Nearly three years later, a rematch; and while the Leafs defenseman fared better, he didn't fare all that well.

New Rule: Any fight that begins with Jack Edwards chuckling to himself about the expected carnage is not going to go well for the person who isn't wearing black and gold.

Round of applause for Komisarek, who didn't crumple to the ice despite some punishing blows by Lucic. Because … ouch.

This was actually the third NHL fight between the two players. Here's another bout from Nov. 2008:

Another New Rule: Mike Komisarek needs to stop fighting Milan Lucic, in keeping with the spirit of player safety here in 2012.