Mike Green flips into Capitals bench after missing check (Video)

Mike Green of the Washington Capitals had Jesse Joensuu of the Edmonton Oilers lined up for a big check along the boards on Monday night.

That was until Joensuu moved slightly to his right, Green maintained his course and flipped skates-over-eyebrows into the Capitals bench.

Watch and grin, for the only thing hurt on the play was his pride.

Well, that was either the most spectacular checking fail or the most spectacular attempt at a line change of the young season.

Russian Machine Never Breaks has the GIFs you require for this incident, including Green popping up from under the boards like a groundhog over and over and over and over and …

Weep not for Green: He’s had a career renaissance since Adam Oates arrived in Washington, posting his best offensive season since 2010 last season. Plus he has pending nuptials and a pretty new house.

He also has a sense of humor about it, as we saw on Twitter:

Besides, it’s not like other all-star players don’t occasionally flip over the wall.

With that, we’ll just leave this here: