Mike Green autographs ‘tweet’ of Capitals fan that insulted him on Twitter

If you're looking for evidence that the Washington Capitals are drawing motivation for their late-season resurgence from a desire to make the critics eat their words, look no further than Mike Green.

Way back on March 30, with Green having scored just one goal in 11 games and only 3 on the season, he received an unkind tweet from a Capitals fan that questioned his interest in winning:

Later that day, Green scored the game-winner with under a minute to go in the Capitals 4-3 win over the Buffalo Sabres. Then, shortly after the game, feeling the goal was only part of the response, Green responded to Amanda's tweet:

Suck on that, Amanda! (We'll forgive the Charlie Sheen-ism because the Caps did, in fact, win.)

Empowered by crushing this fan on Twitter -- just straight-up destroying her -- Green went on a tear. He's scored 7 goals in the 9 games since Amanda suggested he didn't care. He cares, all right. He cares about proving Amanda wrong.

That Amanda -- who does she even think she is? She thinks she's so great, but she so totally isn't. Pfft. Amanda.

I'll bet Green wrote "Amanda" on his stick. I'll bet he looks at her name before every shift and is energized by the rage he feels. I'll bet it's better than smelling salts.

Anyway. That's normally where this Twitter back-and-forth would have ended, but Amanda took it one step further.

She printed out the tweet and bringing it to a season ticket-holders' event Sunday at Six Flags near D.C.

There, she gave it to Mike Green, and the Capitals' defenceman signed it:

It's all sweetness from that moment on. We'll let the Washington Post take it from here:

“Surprisingly he laughed and we shook hands,” she wrote to me.

“Friends now?” she wrote to Green on Twitter later in the night.

“We are friends again!” Green replied.

Granted, now that they've made up, if Green goes cold again, it's Amanda's fault. Way to blow it again, Amanda.

In the end, let this be a lesson to all fans: Talking smack at your team's star players on Twitter is a great way to motivate them, and you should do it more often.