Mike Commodore is rolling in the dough, boy

The Acid Queen, one of our favorite Carolina Hurricanes bloggers, e-mailed over the weekend to remind us about the dangerous combination of boredom and Facebook.

She said the photo above is from "a public-accessible photo [album] on Mike Commodore's Facebook. I can't be the only one who thinks he needs to wax."

No, ma'am, you're not; so why not post this with breakfast, right? Indeed, the Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman (and former Ottawa Senators D-man) has his own Facebook profile, which obviously pales in comparison with the page dedicated to getting his jersey number changed to "Commodore 64."

At first, we were a little disturbed by the photo. If this had been, say, Will Ferrell after signing the contract to do an "Anchorman" sequel ... sure. But Commodore is an NHL defenseman wearing black boxer-briefs and licking money on a queen-sized bed. As Alanah from Canucks and Beyond said: "Man, Facebook is dangerous. But you gotta love a guy with a sense of humor about himself."

Other things you gotta love in this photo:

Skoal chewing tobacco.
• A Crackberry on the nightstand.
• The mysterious book on the bed, which could be anything from the latest Chuck Palahniuk to one of those fake books that's hollowed out so you can hide your ... uh ... marbles in it. Yep. Marbles.
• That this could be the first example of a professional athlete "making it rain" -- on himself.