Mike Commodore 64 update: The dream ends as Commie picks 22

The Australian band Crowded House is probably best known for their hit back in the 1980s called "Don't Dream It's Over".

Today, that's on a continuous loop on our iPod at Puck Daddy HQ.

The "Mike Commodore 64 Drive" has come to an end as the Detroit Red Wings defenseman has chosen to go with No. 22 next season.

Commodore himself talked about his decision via Twitter Wednesday afternoon:

I guess word is out that I will be wearing 22 this year. It was a really tough decision that I went back and forth on many times ... wearing 64 would have been neat and cool, but I just didn't feel like this was the right year to do it. In my opinion getting an ... opportunity to play in Detroit is a special thing, and I felt like I needed to wear a # that is special to me. 22 is that # for me ... I really appreciate the interest and support the #64 generated, I wish @Commodore64 all the best with there computers, as a matter a fact I ... am going to order one when I get to Detroit, and I will get in touch with @wyshynski about the $64 pledges, and I will match it and donate ... money to charity. Which charity that is I don't know yet, but I will figure it that out in sept when I get to Detroit.

During our drive, over 100 readers pledged $64 or an amount within their budget to Commodore's charity of choice if he wore No. 64 this season.

Tallying up the emails, $7288.95 has been pledged to date. We hope everyone who originally pledged will still donate to whatever Commie's charity of choice is despite his decision.

We'll be touching base with everyone who emailed us a pledge and once Commodore selects a charity, we'll figure out a way to get everyone's donations in one place.

Thanks to everyone who's pledged and if you still want to get on board, do email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

"Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over..."

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