Leafs’ Mike Brown started his Movember prep really, really early

Few NHLers put as much effort into Movember as Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Mike Brown.

Most guys just put away the razor on November 1, and spend the next 30 days sporting a patch of hair above their upper lip. It's a moustache, if you want to get technical, but it's hardly a moustache. Sam Elliott would spit in his sarsaparilla if he saw what passes for a moustache in the NHL.

Brown on the other hand, goes all out. For the last two years, he's boldly rocked a Fu Manchu, last year's being especially impressive. But at this point, after two years of being epically moustachioed, topping the face forests of years past is going to be a tall order for the Leafs' winger. It's going to take commitment. It's going to take ingenuity. And most of all, it's going to take an early start.

To that end, Brown started his moustache prep months ago. Like, in May. Here's a photo of the agitator from May 22, after three weeks of growth.

And here's what Brown looks like now.

One can only the final Movember product involves braiding and beads.

The Maple Leafs have been updating their fans on Mike Brown's progress on Twitter and Pinterest, using the hashtag #brownbeaut. They're doing a bang-up job, even making all the necessary appropriate pop culture references. Check out this graphic they recently shared:

If you're a little uncertain, Brown is the one that looks like a crazy homeless person. Hopefully that helps.

It's worth noting that the Zach Galifianakis comparison is especially apt in that he and Brown are both part of franchises completely out of ideas.