Mighty Ducks return on Viktor Fasth’s awesome new mask, Anaheim tribute night

Back in 1993, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim made their debut in the National Hockey League. Ron Wilson was the coach. Terry Yake was the leading scorer, inexplicably. And Guy Hebert was the leader in wins with 20, wearing the team’s iconic logo on his mask.

Fast forward 20 years, and there’s an Anaheim Ducks goalie prepared to honor that legacy: Viktor Fasth is wearing a mask that echoes that of Hebert, with the old-school purple and teal of the Mighty Ducks. It’s designed by the great Dave Gunnarsson.

Writes Dave on his Facebook page:

Viktor and me always talks a lot for every design we create together, and Viktor had such an awesome idea for this mask. He wanted to pay tribute the very first ‪#‎MightyDucks‬ goalie, Guy Hebert. It was such an awesome idea of Viktor, and we setup a plan how it could be created.

The tribute design is created as a homage to the very first Mighty Ducks mask of Guy Hebert, designed by the legendary Dennis Simone and mask maker Ed Cubberly. Same layout and colors, but created with the latest effects. On a distance it is a classic old school design, and when you come closer you will discover all the details and the mask enters a new dimension with all the ‪#‎DAVEART‬ trademarks effects. Among the details you will find the Duck years, Hebert's player number and much more.

(Alas, no shout out to Greg Goldberg or Julie “The Cat” Gaffney.)

So there you go: The Mighty Ducks, alive and well on Fasth’s mask. Now if only Jonas Hiller would bring back the murdered-out mask to balance out the colors on his crease-mate’s lid.

Meanwhile, the Ducks are going to wear their classic jerseys on Oct. 13, which is awesome. From The Orange County Register, via Icethetics:

One major highlight of the night is that the Ducks will wear their original eggplant, jade and grey jerseys that were used from 1993-2006 when they were the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The club is already wearing a 20th anniversary commemorative patch on their current sweaters and has the logo on their Honda Center ice surface.

Randy Ladouceur drops the first puck or we riot. Or at the very least, Todd Ewan throws the first punch.