Atom hockey player scores nasty, Ovechkin-esque goal from his back (VIDEO)

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As young Kyle Norman streaks down the wing for the Stony Plain Atom AAA Predators, it's easy to see a little Alex Ovechkin in him, especially as he fights off a check and muscles his way to the net with the back of his jersey tucked into his pants.

But the comparison becomes even more apt when Norman gets taken down during the power move and, like Ovechkin on arguably his most famous goal, he refuses to give up on the play. The result is one of the prettiest midget hockey goals you're going to see, as Norman goes top corner while splayed out on the ice:

What a play.

It's tough to make out whether that puck jumps over the goaltender's shoulder because Norman somehow managed to chip it or if it deflects off the stick of number 16 (who had a rough shift).

Either way, it doesn't happen if Norman doesn't somehow get the puck off the ice in his desperate attempt at the goal.

Plus it looks super pretty, and even if it's simply a lucky redirection, credit to this kid for refusing to give up on the play, especially since he's, what, 10? At that age, if someone took me down in any sport, I'd have rag-dolled instantly, and stayed down until someone brought me some ice cream. (I was a chubby kid.)

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