Michal Rozsival to Blackhawks; Seattle NHL arena update; LA Kings tattoos (Puck Headlines)

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Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• The Royal Half takes a brilliantly funny look at Los Angeles Kings fans and their Stanley Cup commemorative tattoos. "When designing a Stanley Cup tattoo... you go big with your teams' logo... OR YOU GO HOME. Or at least back to your parents' house." [The Royal Half]

• Actual hockey news! Michal Rozsival signs with the Chicago Blackhawks for a one-year, $2 million deal that has Sam Fels believing, now more than ever, that Super Nintendo Hjalmarsson is done in Chicago. [Second City Hockey]

• Seattle City Council approves a new arena plan that could eventually lead to an NHL team moving there. "Now that Seattle truly has its act together, it's not a matter of if the NBA will return. It's a matter of when. The same can be said about the inclusion of the NHL." [Seattle Times]

• Ladies and gentlemen: Bryz is ready for the season. "I'm skinny and prepared." [Philly.com]

• Danny Briere on the CBA talks: "There's not much to be optimistic about; they're not even talking. It's definitely disappointing, and I'm sure both sides have their reasons. And right now there's really nothing to negotiate about, from both sides' perspective." [Philly.com]

• Adam Hall of the Tampa Bay Lightning on the CBA talks: "The last deal, we gave a lot of concessions and it was meant to fix and address problems the owners claimed were broken in the system. So, this was, in effect, their deal, and seven years later after all these revenues they're claiming the system is broken again because their plan that they claimed to work, didn't work." [Lightning Strikes]

• Perhaps you've seen this, but it's new to us: a site that does renderings of center ice art for hockey arenas past and present. Cool stuff. [Frozen Faceoff, via reader Cory]

• Really cool infographic about the history EA Sports' NHL series. [Backhand Shelf]

Penn State's new hockey jerseys. Way to steal the Lightning's look, you jerks. [Via Thank You Terry]

• Washington Capitals forward Matt Hendricks is the latest voice to join the You Can Play PSA movement. "Looking back to when I was a younger player, before I got into the professional ranks, the slurs and the terminology that's used in the locker rooms at a younger age isn't necessarily out there to be malicious, but it definitely could be." [WaPo]

• Also, congrats to YCP for being up for a GLAAD Amplifier Award for this first PSA last season. [GLAAD]

• They had the technology, and they rebuilt Darren Helm of the Detroit Red Wings. [MLive]

• Cory Schneider on, uh, that other guy still being around the Vancouver Canucks: "Roberto is still part of the organization. They're going to handle it with respect. I don't think either of us are too worried about it." [Slam]

• Washington Capitals executive Dick Patrick and long-time minor-league hockey broadcaster Bob Chase/Wallenstein will receive the 2012 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States. [NHL.com]

• Three reasons the NHL and its players should avoid a lockout, written by a crazy person. Although we are fond of using a grizzly bear to scare Bettman and Fehr into a settlement. [PPP]

• Here's Eric Macramalla on whether the NHLPA can legally block a lockout. [Eye On Hockey]

• Finally, this is the finest collection of Alex Emelin hits we've ever seen. And by "finest" we of course mean "only."

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