Michael Grabner scores video game goal to defeat Colorado Avalanche

Puck Daddy

Michael Grabner is fast. Like, really fast. But what he did against the Colorado Avalanche in overtime on Friday night was like playing an NHL video game where your guy has 99’s in speed and agility, and everyone else on the other team is at 70.

The play began with a pass by Brian Strait up the boards, springing Grabner on a breakaway. Gabriel Landeskog – who had a nightmarish shift – tried to chase him down. Luckily for the Avs, the puck bounced on Grabner before his shot attempt against Semyon Varlamov.

But thus continued the video game shift: Grabner skated over and corralled his own botched shot, skated into the middle of the ice and beat Varlamov for the overtime game winner at 1:46.

Check it out here, as the New York Islanders topped the Avs, 2-1:

Said Grabner after the game to NHL.com:

"The puck bounced a little bit," Grabner said. "I don't know if my stick got caught on the boards or the ref there. I almost lost it and couldn't control the puck, but I got it back in the corner and the guys opened up some room by driving to the net and I got a chance to shoot from the hash marks."

He was fresh off the bench when Strait found him with a pass, before Grabner looked like he was skating in real time while everyone else looked like they were in a video review of his goal. It was Grabner’s seventh of the season and his first OT game winner for the Islanders.

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