Meet ‘Ray Regehr’, who apparently plays defense for the LA Kings (Photo)

A year after winning the Stanley Cup, the Los Angeles Kings are back in the Western Conference Final, threatening to be the first Cup winner to repeat, like, in this millennium. That's a pretty big deal, so you'd think the LA media would know who these guys are by now.

Nope. That doesn't appear to be the case. Here's a screengrab from last night's KTLA broadcast:

Yes, this is an interview with "Ray" Regehr, not to be confused with Ron Regehr, his father, Richie Regehr, his brother, or Robyn Regehr, this guy's actual name.

Robyn Regehr is an LA Kings' defenceman. Ray Regehr is a combination of Ray Romano and Richard Gere.

Now, in KTLA's defence, Regehr is one of the newest members of the LA Kings. He wasn't here last year, and he wasn't here for much of this year as well. Plus it's not like they're the first Los Angeles broadcaster to expose themselves as being a little under-researched about the team they're covering.

Heck, they're probably closer to the last, after media coverage of last year's run introduced us to Brad Doty, Anje Kopidor, and satirist goaltender Jonathan Swift; after the LA Kings' logo and mascot were replaced with the Sacramento Kings' logo and mascot; and after, earlier this postseason, Mike Richards was confused for the out-for-the-season Willie Mitchell.

All that in mind, Regehr shouldn't let this get to him. He should celebrate it. After all, you're not officially a member of the Kings' Cup run until someone in the LA media butchers your name. That in mind, we would like to welcome "Ray" Regehr to the 2013 LA Kings.

s/t to Mark Lesch.

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