This may surprise you, but another LA affiliate botched a report on the Kings (VIDEO)

We've gotten a lot of mileage out of the local LA news affiliates and how little they know about the Los Angeles Kings. From logo snafus to mascot mixups to the butchering of star players' names, we've pretty much seen it all. Frankly, we've gone beyond just pointing and laughing. It happens with such regularly that we've begun cataloguing, sorting and filing the mistakes.

Here's a factual error, as local LA television station KCAL-TV flubs a brief report on Game 5 by asserting that this is the first time the Kings have ever made it to the Final.

I love the title of this video: "L.A. Media Gets it Wrong Again." Because the uploader doesn't specify how they get it wrong, if you don't already know, the clip plays out a bit like a classic horror movie jump scene. It's like something out of Hitchcock; it even stars a pretty blonde.

Like, you know the bad thing is coming, but you don't really know when. And there are fakeouts.

First, it's just really awkward. And you're like, "Okay, maybe it's just an awkward clip. Maybe that's why it's here." And then it cuts to Joy Benedict outside an empty Staples Center for Game 5 and you're like, "Oh God, they don't know the game isn't there. Oh god oh god oh god."

And then Benedict establishes that they're aware the game is in New Jersey and you breathe a sigh of relief. But then the camera pans up to the Stanley Cup Final banner and she makes a comment about how it's still up, and you're like, "Oh no, she thinks it's a best of five and tonight's the final game. Is that the error? That must be it."

But that's not it, and just when you've let your guard down -- bam -- they get you:

"This is the first time the Kings have EVER made it to the Stanley Cup Finals!"

And you scream, because, you know, 1993 and Gretzky. It's especially egregious because KCAL has been the Kings' local broadcaster twice, once during the 1980s, and again during the mid-1990s. Granted, maybe the Cup run happened in between these stints, while they were on a break, and this error is KCAL's way of saying, "Let's not talk about what happened when we were apart."

s/t to Reddit.

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