Matthew Wuest, CapGeek founder, dies of cancer

Matthew Wuest, whose site CapGeek revolutionized the way fans accessed NHL salary information, died Thursday according to Metro Halifax.

From Metro Halifax Canada:

The former Metro Halifax sports reporter and CapGeek founder was always the one writing the stories, often shying away from having stories written about him. Wuest died during the early morning hours Thursday at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, wife Melanie Patten by his side, following a two-and-a-half year battle with colon cancer.

The Stanley, N.B., native was always trying to better himself, whether covering local sports such as the Halifax Mooseheads, Halifax Rainmen and Atlantic University Sport for his full-time job with Metro, or developing what became one of the most popular online hockey resources out there, a side gig ran out of the “CapGeek offices,” his north-end Halifax home.

An age was not given in the obituary for Wuest, a freelance hockey reporter who worked for The Hockey News along with Metro Halifax.

Wuest started the site, which compiled player and team salary information, in 2009. It ceased operations on Jan. 3, 2015, due to the “personal health” of Wuest.

Since the NHL as a whole doesn’t divulge salaries, CapGeek provided information that was easy to follow and understandable to the common fan. It also gave fans tools to explore how much it would take to buy out players.

Said Wuest in a 2009 interview with Puck Daddy:

"I guess it's a pretty large undertaking. You have to have the capability to do it, and you have to want to do it," he said."It kind of found me."

Wuest also once gave us his hockey “Guilty Pleasures”

His site was truly indispensible and provided insight and information that was difficult to find anywhere else. From contract details, to pending free agents, to even Twitter power rankings, Wuest’s site had it all.

He was one of hockey’s true internet pioneers in the salary cap era.

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