Matt Duchene is scoring video-game goals this season (Video)

Puck Daddy

This following video doesn’t show it, but we’re fairly certain Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy was on the bench with a PlayStation controller in his hand that operated Matt Duchene.

How else to explain that burst of speed from the center to separate from Mike Komisarek and then that glorious spin move to score on Justin Peters on Friday night? Roy must have been mashing that ‘L2’ button on the finishing move:

Wonder what that move would have looked like without the shallow nets …

As the Avalanche’s goals have often been this season, this sequence was a balance between hauling ass and pure ability.

It’s in the way Duchene controlled the puck behind the net, and Ryan O’Reilly fought through the Carolina defense to eventually send it back to the end boards. From there, it was Duchene, again, scoring a brilliant goal.

Dutchie's on another level this season. Scoring masterful goals, setting up others as he did with Alex Tanguay later in the game. He's been great to the point where you wonder if we all conceded the "Best Forward in the 2009 NHL Draft" crown to John Tavares too hastily.

The Avalanche are doing what they’re doing for myriad reasons, but his ascension into stardom has been a primary reason. There are aspects of Colorado’s game that one assumes will regress as the season continues, but Duchene’s performance isn’t one of them.

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