Mats Zuccarello cuts Minnesota Wild ice reporter with stick (Video)

Mike Greenlay
Mike Greenlay

Mike Greenlay of Fox Sports North is one of those “between the benches” reporters, which means he deserves the combat pay he receives. Although, in all honesty, the risk of standing there like a target for pucks and sticks is balanced out by getting to hear every single colorful chirp originating at the benches.

But still – risky job, that one. Witness Greenie on Thursday night as the Wild faced the New York Rangers. Norwegian Hobbit Wizard Mats Zuccarello checked Matt Cooke of the Wild near the benches and … well, Greenlay took the damage.

Please be careful when you’re all rushing to the comments to be the first to say “should have been you, Pierre…”

As the broadcasters noted, it’s important for a player to be in control of his stick at all times. It’s also important to note that other spectators watch the game behind glass and puck-catching netting for a reason.

Last night's MVP? Greenlay's mom, who sent along this email to him after the game:

The NHL simply must begin issuing TIDE TO GO pens to all between-the-benches reporters.

(Ed. Note: Headline originally had Matt Cooke's as the offending stick.)

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