Matt Calvert wears darkened visor despite ‘recovery’ from concussion

Columbus Blue Jackets' Matt Calvert celebrates after scoring during the third period of an NHL hockey game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, in Philadelphia. Columbus won 5-2. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Matt Calvert hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to self-diagnosis.

The Columbus Blue Jackets forward, who plans on returning to the lineup against the New Jersey Devils, missed 15 games with a concussion and a neck injury. Calvert claims he didn’t realize he had concussion symptoms until the neck injury was diagnosed around Feb. 27. His coach, Todd Richards, said he wasn’t sure if Calvert was hiding those symptoms from the team in order to remain on the ice.

“But I do know, being a former player, that a lot of times you get hit … you’re a hockey player. You want to play,” Richards told the Columbus Dispatch. “I know for a fact that I had concussions and I played. Back then, it was just getting your bell rung. Times have changed. I don’t think there would be any guys that would do that, based on the knowledge we have today.”

OK, well, it happens all the time, but we’ll take your word for it, ‘Skip.

Anyway, Calvert is back from injury on Tuesday and he’s coming back with a new accessory: a tinted visor.

From Aaron Portzline:

"Almost about a week ago, we pin-pointed the problem," Calvert said. "With these things, they think the problem is always in your head. For a while there, there was a concussion. But after that we had to figure some stuff out and go to a couple of different therapists. It's been a bit of a long road, but I think we've got a handle on it now"

"It feels good to feel good again. It was a little frustrating throughout the whole process."

Calvert will wear a darkened visor, he said, as he's been sensitive to bright lights. "I've had problems with light sensitivity, so I'll wear it for the rest of the season," Calvert said.

Does this give anyone else pause?

He’s not the first player to wear one. David Perron, who missed chunks of seasons with a concussion, still rocks the tint. Other players who return from concussions do the same.

But there’s just something that doesn’t sit right about a guy who might have already mislead his team about a concussion earlier this season coming back to play in meaningless games in a lost season and needing to wear a special visor to combat post-concussion ailments.