Mats Sundin moves mouth, says words to Canadian media

The way Leahy was talking yesterday, I'm pretty sure he's close to going postal on this Mats Sundin Saga and the breathless coverage the Canadian media is giving it. It's gotten to the point where "news" involves a Sportsnet reporter finding Mats on a Swedish golf course and getting this quote:

"I know there was talk about the first of August, but .... I said sometime in August hopefully I'll be able to make a decision. I won't make that until I really feel comfortable with making a good decision."

This nonsense -- which oddly sounds like John McCain talking about a VP choice -- was "news" for the Toronto Sun, CBC Sports and especially for Sportsnet, which touts this broken recording as an "exclusive." Pretty much the only thing that could make this Sundin business as insufferable as ESPN's exhausting Brett Favre coverage would be the addition of Rachel Nichols.

The really awful part about the Sundin Saga is that after he makes his decision to play again (at least that's where our money's placed), The Saga Continues as he decides whether to make $20 million with the Vancouver Canucks, win a Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadians or ruin the Toronto Maple Leafs' draft lottery chances. Or follow through on the secret agreement he's made with Joe Sakic to join the Avalanche; because, you know, they could afford both players and Forsberg with $10 million in cap room. Uh-huh.

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