Martin Brodeur doesn’t want to steal anyone’s job

Martin Brodeur doesn’t want to steal anyone’s job

There are fantasy hockey auto-drafts all over North America this week that had some poor soul selecting an unemployed Martin Brodeur. That’s because the computer ranking the players is just like many of us: Unable to conceive how the greatest goalie of all-time – statistically – could be an active NHL player and out of work.

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Brodeur spoke with Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet for a piece that will air this week, and spelled out his need to keep playing. It won’t be as a starter, which was Brodeur’s initial desire when he and the Devils parted ways. “I’m not here to steal anybody’s job,” he said.

But as for hanging around without a gig this season, Brodeur explained that missing the playoffs for two straight seasons and seeing his playing time cut in lieu of Cory Schneider’s was difficult:

“I’d like to end it…not leaving like that.” 

“I think I understand more than people think,” Brodeur said. “If I’m 30 years old and this is happening to me…I would be really upset. But now, I’ve played enough, I’ve done everything I needed to do. What I’m trying to achieve right now is something a little selfish because I want to play the game. I love playing the game, I don’t care what I did in the past in my career…and I’d love to help a good hockey team to maybe challenge for the Stanley Cup.

Brodeur revealed that he has a “date in his head” about a deadline for potential retirement. He also has a list of around five Western Conference teams that are potential homes for his services. (Would Winnipeg be a better team with Brodeur between the pipes?)

Brodeur, 42, is 12 wins away from 700 for his career, a mark no one in NHL history has hit.

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