Mark Owuya, Reading goalie, celebrates Kelly Cup with uncensored rap at rally (Video)

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The ECHL Reading Royals won the 2013 Kelly Cup championship, as the Washington Capitals affiliate defeated the Stockton Thunder in five games. Thus began the hijinks … like when the players tossed the trophy in the pool during a celebration:

As forward Kirk MacDonald tweeted: “Who knew Kelly could float?”

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On Wednesday, the Royals capped off their drunken debauchery wholesome revelry with a championship parade and rally at the Sovereign Center in Reading. As is tradition, players and team personnel took turns thanking the fans.

One of those players was backup goalie Mark Owuya. If the name sounds familiar, then you’re either a fan of Toronto Maple Leafs prospects or a “Swedish Idol” viewer, where he appeared as “Mark in da Park” (NSFW LYRICS)” and offered some R&B crooning along with uncensored freestyle rapping.

Just like Garth Brooks can morph into Chris Gaines by applying a soul patch, Mark Owuya can become “Mark in da Park” if given an open mic. Here’s a rather colorful freestyle he performed at the Royals’ celebration (NSFW LANGUAGE WARNING)

Another longer version of the video is here.

Via M. Ritcher of Capitals Outsider:

There were the expected “Thank you” and “Couldn’t have done it without”s, as well as the occasional deer-in-the-headlights reaction when faced with a podium and a crowd of 4,000 screaming fans. And then there was backup goaltender Mark Owuya, who riled up the crowd with shouts of “VICTORY!” and enthusiastic fist-pumps, before being badgered into rapping by team captain Yannick Tifu.

Pretty impressive rhyming “pee” and “victory.” And also saying “VICTORY!” like Drama from “Entourage.” Which is the only way to say it.

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