Mark Messier’s top 6 most fascinating answers on his Reddit AMA

(Yes, that's Patrick Ewing, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Mark Messier.)

Reddit’s “ask me anything” Q&A sessions are great fun, especially for hockey. Sometimes they even have real live living legends online instead of hacks who can’t skate.

The latest big hockey name to do one: Mark Messier, Hockey Hall of Famer, who participated in an AMA on Thursday.

With that, we bring you the Top 5 greatest Mark Messier answers on Reddit...

6. Mark Messier vs. potato chips

Please recall Mark Messier’s legendary potato chip commercial, and need for a snack-savvy agent.

5. Mark Messier and the worst change in hockey

This is great because it speaks directly to the idea of having 3-on-3 overtime, and how awesome it was back in the 1980s. See, everything from the 80s can come back around again in 2014: 3-on-3 hockey, neon clothes, cocaine.

Also, this Q&A is great because Messier completely ignores being hailed as King of The Baldies.

4. Mark Messier and crazy goalies

Amazingly, 13 pairs and socks and showering between periods pales in comparison to the real crazytown Ax Smith quirks, like drop-kicking the puck to center ice.

3. Mark Messier on Wayne Gretzky

Apparently they were both first-line centers when Gretzky was there. Also, perhaps the greatest username/question combo of the chat.

2. Mark Messier on the Canucks

One hoped this might come up during the chat, and the answer was revelatory. The most hated Canucks of all time admits that “accepting” the captaincy from Trevor Linden – wonder if we’ll ever know how that all went down – was a mistake. Writes Wyatt Arndt of The Province: “During Messier’s time in Vancouver you would be hard pressed to find Messier ever admitting anything negative was going on, so it’s nice to see that maybe, just maybe, in the darkest corners of his mind, he actually agrees that his time in Vancouver was awful for everyone involved.”

And finally …

1. Mark Messier on Scott Stevens

We just love this for Messier’s sheer obliviousness to the concept of 100 duck-sized Scott Stevens coming after him …

Please also note that Messier said he’d be open to rejoining the Rangers one day and that he didn’t address the Gary Coleman photo question when asked.