Marian Hossa in an ice bath; thanks, Reebok’s Winter Classic ads (Photo)


With the saturation of outdoor games and no semblance of rivalry between the two participants, many of us have no doubt wondered how the 2015 Winter Classic could be marketed to maximum effect.

The answer, really to anything in life: Marian Hossa in an ice bath.

Katie Brown of District Sports Page discovered these Winter Classic one-sheets at the Navy Yard Metro station, as Reebok puts the spotlight on Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals and Hossa, the star winger for the Chicago Blackhawks.

This is honestly the weirdest direct-to-video knockoff of “Hot Tub Time Machine” we’ve ever seen.

The ads use “Winter Is Coming,” the classic tagline from “Game Of Thrones.” That, combined with the beckoning look of shirtless athletes in ice baths … well, we’re glued to the TV on Jan. 1, don’t know about you.

Here’s another ad featuring Ward and Hossa:

Incidentally, the current long-range forecast for Winter Classic Eve is 38 degrees with evening snow showers. So save those “they might as well be in a swimming pool instead because the game’s in D.C.” jokes. At least until they release the five-day forecast.

s/t again to Katie Brown.