Marian Hossa dive or just another great moment in NHL playoff officiating? (Video)

In the second period of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Game 1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings, Niklas Kornwall breathed heavily near the Detroit goal and the sheer force of his lungs knocked Marian Hossa to the ice, drawing a tripping penalty. Or so it would appear:

Red Wings blogger George Malik called Hossa out for this one, and as you’ll see on the post, so did Detroit coach Mike Babcock.

But here’s another thought: Hossa did dive … after the puck. He wasn’t necessarily looking to embellish on this play, based on the replays. He was making a lunging stab at the puck with his stick.

Either way, it was a terrible call, although one that didn’t directly influence the 4-1 final score.

What’s been your opinion of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs officiating? I’d give it a C-plus thus far, with the acknowledgement that Game 6 between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals – the Rangers, facing elimination, weren’t shorthanded once in the game – smells the fishiest.

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