Marian Gaborik out up to 6 months with torn labrum surgery

There was heavy speculation after the New York Rangers were eliminated from the Eastern Conference final that star forward Marian Gaborik was playing through a shoulder injury.

When asked if he might need surgery this summer, Gaborik told NY Newsday: "I don't want to talk about it. … I'll know in a few days."

A few days have passed, and Slovak newspaper SME reports that Gaborik revealed he needs surgery that could cost him up to six months. Initial reports were that it was a rotator cuff; the Rangers later reported it was a "torn labrum" in his shoulder. Surgery is set for next week.

He said at a press conference that he played through the injury for two months; and that "drugs and injections" allowed him to manage the pain but that the injury limited his effectiveness.

Looking at his numbers, the revelation makes sense. Gaborik had 23 points in 21 games through March and April; in the playoffs, where the former Minnesota Wild star has typically performed well, Gaborik had 11 points in 20 games.

If the report is accurate — we have a call out to his agent for confirmation — Gaborik could miss the start of the season for the Rangers. (UPDATE: It's been confirmed by Steve Zipay of Newsday.)

Oh, who are we kidding? He'll be ready by Thanksgiving, which is when we all know the season will actually start (thanks, CBA Armageddon …).

As much as we'd love to make the "Gaborik? Injured? The devil you say?!" joke here, he's played 76 and 82 games in two of his three seasons in New York. Injuries happen in the playoffs. For the Rangers, there's no question this was a significant one that affected their Cup chances.

s/t Gergely Foglar

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