Mariah Carey plus Vermont Women’s Hockey Team equals epic holiday cheer (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

The Belfast Giants’ lip-sync’d cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” remains one of our favorite hockey videos of all time. In the sense that we find ourselves watching it in July.

This Christmas, the University of Vermont Women's Hockey Team is bringing its unique brand of holiday cheer with another blast of choreographed Mariah Carey goodness -- much of it taking place on and around the rink.

Here are the Catamounts … with a special bonus track hidden in the song:

Carly Rae Jepsen breakdown, FTW.

Well that was fun. MVP honors go to goalies Kelci Lantheir and Roxanne Douville for their tremendously impassioned torch-song lip syncing in the crease. And to the girl flexing in the front row at the 32-second mark. Also: Elf suspenders. That's a can't-miss.

However, I must agree with Puck Daddy’s Sean Leahy and his review of the clip: “Needs more mascot.”

Such is true to life in general, actually.

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