Marc Crawford, Pierre McGuire not the biggest Alexander Semin fans (VIDEO)

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The opening of the NHL free-agent market got off to somewhat of a slow start once the clock struck 12 p.m. ET. In between the time TSN's Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger were breaking news, the panel of Marc Crawford, Ray Ferraro and Pierre McGuire discussed several topics, including some of the top players still available outside of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise.

One of those players was Alex Semin, the soon-to-be former Washington Capitals forward, who has had the always fun "enigma" label attached to him. After James Duthie pumped Semin's goal production compared to that of Parise's, Crawford and McGuire took the opportunity to dump on him.

Via Russian Machine Never Breaks, here's the video:

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For the video impaired, here's the Crawford and McGuire highlights:

Marc Crawford: "I would say, like Detroit could probably bring him in and surround him with a Datsyuk. You gotta have a really, really strong group. There's an old NHL general manager that says,'Either take a guy that's a complete winner or take a guy who's a complete loser.' He falls in that category. Maybe they can change him. You don't change people that much. I'd be cautious."

Pierre McGuire: "This is not a great teammate, I'm telling ya right now. Not a good guy to have around your group unless you got unbelievably strong leadership. He's the ultimate coach killer, that's what he is."

As RMNB pointed out, is this the first the "coach killer" label has been affixed to Semin? While Semin has had his moments, like his love for offensive zone penalties, his name was never mentioned as being a reason why Glen Hanlon and Bruce Boudreau were canned in Washington.

Meanwhile, Semin's agent is not happy with the criticism on national television.

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