Maple Leafs have giant deodorant Zamboni, because they stink (Photo)

As they say in hockey: "STICK'S ON THE ICE, BOYS!"

Which option do you like better?

A. The Toronto Maple Leafs are self-aware of the hilarious image of a giant Right Guard deodorant stick trailing the Zamboni after each period, in a fruitless attempt to rid the Air Canada Centre rink of the foul stench of their efforts.

B. The Toronto Maple Leafs are complete oblivious to this fact.

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TSN’s Matthew Scianitti snapped this image at the Montreal Canadiens’ skate before their game at the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday night, a.k.a. opening night in the NHL.

Joey Jo Jr Shanahan captured a still of the Zamboni in action:

Will it keep the ice dry? Will it make the ACC smell like a high school locker room? Can Randy Carlyle use it to prevent flop sweat?

All we know is that between the deorderant Zamboni and the shaving Zamboni, we're one toothbrush Zamboni away from a bathroom hat trick.