Maple Leafs fan wants to turn CN Tower in massive playoff goal light

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2004, so some level of delusions of grandeur can be expected.

Like, for example, the desire to turn the CN Tower in a massive playoff goal light.

That’s the desire of Scotty Booth of Toronto, who has over 3,000 signatures on an online petition to transform the most famous part of the skyline into a tribute to the Leafs.

Think of the Budweiser Red Light promotion – in which fans could receive personal cast-iron goal lights that flashed whenever their favorite team scored – only on a 1,815-foot high scale.

From the petition:

We are now finally closer to winning a kiss from Lord Stanley then we have been in almost the last 10 years. THIS IS BIG!

There is no doubt that both The Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey in general are a very important part of the City of Toronto. And to be honest, we’re the biggest fans of hockey in the whole world!

Question: How can we show the world just how big of fans we really are, while also paying our respects to the boys in blue who got us here, and uniting the entire city, allowing them a way of following along with what is sure the be a very exciting playoff run?


But seriously, imagine how incredible it would be to see The CN Tower Light up RED every time Toronto scored a goal! IT WOULD BE AMAZING!

I'm not sure who it's going to take to get this done. Whether it’s the City, Budweiser, The CN Tower, or MLSE; just get it done!

Yeah! Get'er done, eh?

Booth spoke with Luke Fox of Sportsnet about his grand plan:

Booth doesn’t envision a subtle blue-and-light illumination; he wants the world’s fourth-tallest structure to light up red and flash with a spinning beam: “As close to a stereotypical goal light as possible,” he says.

But wait a second here. This is the Canadian National Tower, Scotty. Aren’t you worried that such a grandiose display of Leafs pride would further enforce the idea that Toronto views itself as the centre of the hockey universe?

“Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe. That’s not an opinion; that’s a fact,” Booth says. “I would encourage every Canadian city to light up a landmark for their teams. Wear it loud, wear it proud!”

Humble be thy name...

No word if Booth realizes what a complete backfire his plan would be if and when the Leafs host the Montreal Canadiens in Round 1, and the CN Tower glows red ...