Maple Leafs, Jets and Blue Jackets earn top spots in new NHL Draft Lottery

None of the Canadian teams made it into the playoffs, but in the end, Canada still won.

The Toronto Maple Leafs had the highest odds of winning the first overall spot, and this time the Edmonton Oilers didn't screw everything up. The Leafs will select first, and are likely take good American boy, Auston Matthews.

In the revamped version of the draft, the first three spots were drawn. The remaining two spots went to lottery winners: the Winnipeg Jets, who moved up from sixth to second, and the Columbus Blue Jackets who moved up from fourth to third.

Take a look at the odds of each team landing their spot and where they ended up:

Odd of Team Winning 1st Drawing



1. Toronto Maple Leafs 20.0%



Toronto Maple Leafs

2. Edmonton Oilers 13.5%



Winnipeg Jets

3. Vancouver Canucks 11.5%



Columbus Blue Jackets

4. Columbus Blue Jackets 9.5%



Edmonton Oilers

5. Calgary Flames 8.5%



Vancouver Canucks

6. Winnipeg Jets 7.5%



Calgary Flames

7. Arizona Coyotes 6.5%



Arizona Coyotes

8. Buffalo Sabres 6.0%



Buffalo Sabres

9. Montreal Canadiens 5.0%



Montreal Canadiens

10. Colorado Avalanche 3.5%



Colorado Avalanche

11. New Jersey Devils 3.0%



New Jersey Devils

12. Ottawa Senators 2.5%



Ottawa Senators

13. Carolina Hurricanes 2.0%



Carolina Hurricanes

14. Boston Bruins 1.0%



Boston Bruins

Not sure how this all happened? Here's the NHL's explanation of the selection process overall:

The 2016 NHL Draft Lottery will assign the top three drafting slots in the first round of the NHL Draft – an expansion over previous years, when the Draft Lottery was used to determine the winner of the first overall selection only.

Three draws will be held: the first Lottery draw will determine the club selecting first overall, the second Lottery draw will determine the club selecting second overall and the third Lottery draw will determine the club selecting third overall.

As a result of this change, the team earning the fewest points during the regular season will no longer be guaranteed, at worst, the second overall pick. That club could fall as low as fourth overall.

The allocation of odds for the first Lottery draw will be the same as for the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery. The odds for the remaining teams will increase on a proportionate basis for the second Lottery draw, based on which club wins the first Lottery draw, and again for the third Lottery draw, based on which club wins the second Lottery draw.

The 11 clubs not selected in the Draft Lottery will be assigned NHL Draft selections 4 through 14, in inverse order of regular-season points.

The draft itself will take place June 24-25 in Buffalo, New York.

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