How many games for repeat offender Cody McLeod after boarding Wild’s Brodin? (Video)

You may remember Cody McLeod from one of this season's scariest boarding incidents.

A little over a month ago, the Colorado Avalanche winger rode Niklas Kronwall into the boards from behind after a puck race. Kronwall was taken off the ice on a stretcher. McLeod was handed a five-game suspension by the Department of Player Safety.

Along with that stiff Shanaban came the implicit commandment: Go, and board no more. But Friday night, McLeod drew 5 and 10 for boarding after shoving Jonas Brodin headfirst into the side boards in the neutral zone:

One wonders if McLeod will be sitting out a few more games. I suspect so. That's a needless shot, and with Brodin attempting to come to a stop so close to the boards and nothing but numbers in McLeod's line of vision, it's a dangerous one too.

Working in McLeod's favour: Brodin stayed in the game. Working against McLeod: he's a repeat offender, and the DOPS are unkind to those that offend a second time. The fact that it's the same offense doesn't bode well either.

Granted, the two boarding incidents are very different. This one isn't nearly as severe. But the punishment very well could be. One wonders if what might have been a borderline suspendable play turns into cause for a fairly heavy punishment, given the context.

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Harrison Mooney

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