Mandi Schwartz included in Upper Deck’s ‘Heroic Inspirations’ hockey card set (Photo)

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If you buy a pack of Upper Deck cards, chances are you might find one that isn't of a player in that particular league. Jack Hoffman, "Doc" Jacobs and John Makowiec are some of the names collectors have found in the card company's "Heroic Inspirations" set.

Now, a hockey player will be included.

Mandi Schwartz died on April 3, 2011, but her memory lives with The Mandi Schwartz Foundation, which is dedicated to help those battling cancer.

In a creative way to help raise awareness, Schwartz is featured as one of their "Heroic Inspirations" in Upper Deck's Series One 2013-14 release with special insert hockey cards featuring a game-worn Yale University swatch from a jersey donated by her family.

From Upper Deck:

“Mandi’s name kept coming up as we talked internally about finding an inspirational hockey athlete to honor with a trading card,” said Chris Carlin, Upper Deck’s sports marketing manager. “Mandi Schwartz is certainly not the prototypical hockey player that appears on Upper Deck’s hockey cards, but that’s what makes her inclusion in a mainstream set like this so great because she is so different. As we found out more and more about Mandi’s story, everyone in the building began to draw inspiration from her and we became very excited about this project. A player like Mandi deserves a trading card and the one we created is very special.”

Some jersey swatch cards can be found in packs, while the rest will be sold through The Mandi Schwartz Foundation.

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